Nov 24, 2009

Popularity Revealed For FaceBook, Sonico, Hi5, Twitter, MySpace

What are the main reasons of why people like to spend long hours of their valuable time on the website of Facebook?

You got it!! CURIOSITY killed the cat! it is about curious curiosity on knowing what this man or woman is doing online, what she or he just said and what pictures they have on their profile.
Teenagers like to upload stupid videos and share of annoyance photos with their friends who happen also to be the same idiots.

OK! mainly smart individuals have a job because they went to school, college and got their lifetime careers, now they work 24/7 and have no time for irrelevant chatting and exchanging information online, but the majority do spend those hours.

Anyways, these are some other words and sentences they are interesting on finding: Log In, Mobile, Cover Photos Search.

As an act of annoyance to those sentences, the front page answers: Welcome to Facebook!
 We got a great website where you don't have to put up with the difficulty of this mega network that only cares about you paying them money for using their service and resources!
People online represents the 30% percent of worldwide population on December 2013 and by the next 5 years 50%.
Connecting for dating love, making business and spending time online for fun.

The free website social networks is Book Of Like or Booking Likes
Look, you can have it all, nobody ever will tell you why or how. just make your page and upload tones of pictures for what your friends will feel proud about you and they want to be inside your circle of influence.

Note, if you read, you agree with the message, opinions are entirely free to apply, this is a free world of information:
I love twitter and I use Facebook for communicating with friends only, what about the other?
Business Air Lines Tickets Travel Sites Hotels Car Rentals Shopping USA Stores Online

Incredible amounts of internet traffic users visit those mentioned sites as a " Social utility" or social media sites in the world.

Unpredictable results were surprising when MySpace came to online because it's growth was like magic in a short time, collecting young and adult users everyday and building reputation like no other before.

Followed intermediately by Face Book, the member online stater to switch and it took over with a considerable advantage.

People where saying that the new website was more fun because of applications were available to connect easy with their friends and families, co-workers and colleges from high school and college.

Hi five was almost beginning at the same time with MySpace, except their members where mostly from Asia, Africa, Europe ans Latin America with just a few millions of members, but the spammed the in-box "e-mail" where really annoying everyone and many went to FaceBook.

Twitter as an American site did something that no many did before, it gave the real peoples like actors, business corporations, small business, and home based people the chance to tell their fans what it was all about and what products services and news as they were appearing to offer.

 How ever some times in a single row of announcements the members act as a span and they don't give much chance for the real business men and business women to show about theirs information, classically just read and read.

Sonico for USA and Latin America is just like Facebook and closely matches the applications, games and connection between friends and business.

What's the point, what's is reveled in this picture? Yes they, those website are causing that the internet peoples
The computer owners at home or office, young or older users are loosing their identity and becoming slaves of the digital computer screens.

These individuals just like you and me have families, we work and sleep, produce babies an contribute to society in some ways or another
But now many of us are addicted to those social networks and we not even tried to escape.

Games are just one example of this situation catastrophic for communities, homes, families and so on.

Some of you will thing that this blog is an exaggeration, but just for a moment think, going after waking up to the computer laptop or i-pods, cellphones and tuning them on, without to clear our eyes and rinse our mouth is a practical a sin against our emotional and spiritual growth.
Perhaps many of us not even go to sleep.

Many of us do not take care our obligations in our marriages, our jobs of making a living everyday and when we find out it is already night time and late to be sorry.

All of this because these community digital networks in the internet that with their games like Mafia wars, the fish tank, many vampires wars games, and many others are taking over our real time life.

If pools, free gifts, Tell me what are doing?, upload your pictures, fill your profile, add friends, send an invitation, summit your opinion, play games now online.
And many others tell something to think about? Yes a loss of identity, we are becoming robots that ell all about ourselves and no secrets are allowed to stay with us anymore, no privacy.

So at this point there is no much to say It is accurate, better spend our valuable time writing blogs and reading news than becoming addicts to networks with unusable stuff, better to see TV and send our children to school, to make sports as practice soccer and football with a lot of physical exercise for a secure future.

Sooner or later the giant corporation the the peoples networking with their friends and family
By the way it is the same feeling what finally killed the cat, "curiosity " Curiosity to find out what old friends and people they knew from college schools and co-workers, to check for a moment what up and what are they doing now what will overload the capacity of facebook, along with lack of trust and privacy broken, in order to make bigger profits, as a result by 2016 2017 the game will be over and this company could be down and all the registered members will never come back.

Big changes will take over.