Jun 13, 2014

Brasil Futbol Copa Del Mundo - World Cup Brazil

On this review we will concentrate to talk and tell everybody who is of course interested on the development of the world cup soccer football celebrating at the south American nation well known as Brasil in Portuguese and Spanish.

In America United States we call it Brazil with the capital name of Brasilia. Anyways, lets go to the point and talk about games.
The World Cup in Brazil is a major soccer event worldwide.
Goal from the championship, "Bola Brazuca", the ball

 Who wins and who loses their opportunity in a game vs the adversary national team. First, Brasil defeated Croatia, and the Brazilian team carries a set of points of three right now. After that, Mexico defeated the team of Cameroon per one goal to 0 zero.

Then, Netherlands Puts on clear that they could win the cup by turning the dream of Spain of the next gold cup to ashes where the Spanish team loses by 5 x 1 goals, what a shame and sadness.
The next was Chile defeating Australia 3 x 1.

Well, the Chilean team is a Latino player and why not, lets say that they learned from Brazilians. So far, the Australians have the record of Yellow cards, one after another. But, Costa Rica will be vs Uruguay.

And then people will see who is the favorite from these two or more on these games.

For the next thirty days the world of fans will be listening their radios, watching their flat screen big TV or flat TV watch for the next big soccer (futbol) games.

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Equipo Futbol Brasileno | Brazilian Soccer Team

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