Jun 13, 2014

Brasil Futbol Copa Del Mundo - World Cup Brazil

On this review we will concentrate to talk and tell everybody who is of course interested on the development of the world cup soccer football celebrating at the south American nation well known as Brasil in Portuguese and Spanish.

In America United States we call it Brazil with the capital name of Brasilia. Anyways, lets go to the point and talk about games.
The World Cup in Brazil is a major soccer event worldwide.
Goal from the championship, "Bola Brazuca", the ball

 Who wins and who loses their opportunity in a game vs the adversary national team. First, Brasil defeated Croatia, and the Brazilian team carries a set of points of three right now. After that, Mexico defeated the team of Cameroon per one goal to 0 zero.

Then, Netherlands Puts on clear that they could win the cup by turning the dream of Spain of the next gold cup to ashes where the Spanish team loses by 5 x 1 goals, what a shame and sadness.
The next was Chile defeating Australia 3 x 1.

Well, the Chilean team is a Latino player and why not, lets say that they learned from Brazilians. So far, the Australians have the record of Yellow cards, one after another. But, Costa Rica will be vs Uruguay.

And then people will see who is the favorite from these two or more on these games.

For the next thirty days the world of fans will be listening their radios, watching their flat screen big TV or flat TV watch for the next big soccer (futbol) games.

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Equipo Futbol Brasileno | Brazilian Soccer Team

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Mar 16, 2011

Wear Shoes High Heels, Avoid Hammer Toes Foot Problems

Wear Women's Shoes High Heels, Avoid Hammer Toes Foot Problems
6 1/2 Inch Pointed Stiletto
5 3/4 Inch Heel Sexy Maid Slingback Shoes
High Heel Peep Toe Pumps
Concealed Platform Scalloped Trim

Ladies look taller and sexy, actually they feel very fashionable plus taller on high, compared with a simple sandals flat the ground. Designer New Models, Style Designed By Experts, Shopping Store Online
Whats the secret for women to be wearing these gorgeous high heels shoes on their sexy feet? gorgeous fashion colors black, brown, yellow or blue boots. What, I mean how not to get hammer toes, pain on the ankle, a slip-over on the foot and getting hurt and a broken foot?.
What kind of the today's best seller footwear for beautiful women can be the best to buy and be safe while she is walking on the park, the street or on an important event and in front everybody and not fallen by making a show of ridicule fall.

Some other shoe styles actually cause the women feet to stink ugly and as she goes to work the environment inside the shoe case is cooking the foot, by the evening when she takes them out to take a break and relax at home, she notice that her feet has a bad smell, why is has to be like that, after paying a bunch of money for her personal investment?.
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There are an estimate of 75% of ladies in the entire world that had or has a trouble with their preferred pairs and shoe makers only care about making profit and do not ever consider the comfort for their buying customers. These are simple facts that apply all over the stores and malls, no trained sellers to explain to women and men what kind of footwear, based on their needs s better for health and comfortable.
Well, welcome to the answer place, we will walk you though for shopping buying ordering online and choosing the right pair of shoes to full satisfaction, regardless the price or the quality and who or how they were built.

First less take a look for a woman who wants to work without a single worry, she also wants to walk in public and never slipping over her ankle and getting hurt and finally the pair to be looking presentable good and acceptable to people's looks.

These only means something, the women need to buy a pair of flats with no more of 1/2 of an inch high on the bottom of her shoes to walk the 75% percent of the day, inclusive going to work with this pair
Then she also can buy another pair of high heels sandals or boots and wear them for about a 10% of the day, 2 times a week, for fashion nights and assisting to important meeting, They must have a round front, never a point
And by walking carefully, resting the max for feet comfort and avoiding accidents.

And fifteen percent 15% of the day 3 to 4 times a day the exercise and beach flats sandals to exercise and walking at home or outdoors, allowing the in between her toes to breeze and feel relax with no pressure at all.

Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Juliet
209 Platform Sandal, a creation made possible
by Pleaser.

Gorgeous Ellie Shoes 5" Heel Open Toe Pump
w/ 1" Platform
There are two kinds of high heel sandals and if designers change their shapes to confuse you, then they aren't your friends, instead friends of your money.

First the point front with the sharpen shape, avoid them, do not buy, because these pairs cause hammer toes and a deformed toe will actually you will require the need of a surgery to fix it, plus it is painful.

Second the high heels shouldn't be no higher than an inch high, further than that will apply 95% pressure on the foot frontal area, destroying it over a few years and there is when only a medical procedure will fix it, on some cases, some others never.
Why the bad smell on the shoe area.

The chemical unbalance of some individuals is different depending of what they eat and the time wearing those pairs.

If you already consulted it with a professional doctor and he or she prescribed medications or told you to buy socks special made for your body, chances are that this doctors are far away from the truth.

Main reason is that close area with sweat will always small bad if people do not clean properly, apply dry air and wear feet powders to make it resistance to humidity.

But the main step is buying open area shows, other words, ventilation enough to allow the feet and toes to breeze fair enough.

What we are really concern is about accidents, for these issues, we strongly recommended that people to learn how to walk with shoes that have a higher measurement than one inch on the base before trying to wear them on public or forgetting that they have put them on.

Remember to train with lower sizes before, step by step and keep them off as much as possible, because these items affect the spine bone, the kindness, they cause a strong lean unbalance position over the front part of the foot and the bottom feet form bones over time.

Once again avoid the open sandals that do not contain ankle wrap around to hold on the entire foot, the opposite to this will allow women to falling on the case of rain or walking on the edge of the road and it can be very dangerous.

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1- A gorgeous Ellie shoes 5" heel open toe pump with an 1" platform in colors: the red sizes 9.
2- Lea platform patent leather pumps on size 9, also color red
3- Funtasma by Pleaser women's Juliet 209 platforms sandals, a nice creation made possible.
4- Brook ( totally clear transparent color ) adult shoes by Ellie shoes designer

5- Kiss 209 sandal by Pleaser Co.

6- 4 1/2 Inch heel sexy black Victorian knee boots with an interchangeable front, a back ribbon laces on.

7- 5 3/4 Inches Maid Slingback peep toe pumps concealed platform scalloped trim nicely.

8- 4 1/2 inches size of heel sexy knee high spectator, impeccable boots with the ribbon laces, on colours red and black.
9- 61/2 Inch pointed Stiletto thigh boots for ladies width wide size shoes online pictures show.
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Feb 28, 2011


Small Feet, Wide Width Shoes For Women.
On winter 2011 and next 2012 2013, with or during snow blizzard, or at the warm tropical beach.
Shopping Local International Malls, South North Florida US Novelties and Creations, New Designer Updates.
I can't describe to intense feeling that my sister had, her face expression really was noticeable 100% when her boyfriend told her that he will take her to the shoe dept store for a nice shoe-buy experience today.

I'm aware that there is a tradition in the "Latinos " about men shouldn't offer or straight buy shoes top for his wife or girlfriend
But it is something that comes from the heart to spend some money and giving a gift to some one we love so much, a s it can be a gift nice pair of sneakers, or perhaps a high heels dress shoes gift.
A few years ago in Miami my friend's teenager daughter asked her older step father to visit the mall stores with the concern of finding a pair of girls boots, black and bright color, something that will reach her knees and specially dressing or to dress to the night parties with her school friends.

But why that obsession for high heel boots for someone that already was tall to begin with? Apparently it is a matter of perception from women and who is on control of what they want, at least that's the message they deliver when talking. The ages are between 3 years and up, it don't matter again, because when they are children the taste for boots is just noticeable.

About the best shoes brands, if thy are Nike or adidas, famous designer or just home made from they near shops to your home by a shoe maker with an unknown name, who knows
These users and wearers tell their fathers what they need to be more happy when walking and that wish might be met sooner.

As the women gets mature, they feel the motor pushing from their feet and up, until they fill up their home closets and shoe shelves to the top with the top brands and top shoes, wide feet, small feet, medium size, once again it is about collecting and not really wearing them.
Who cares, all they like is to show how many pairs they have to their fans and friends, and yes this goes for the movie actress that by the way they do sleep with shoes and they take a shower with shoes on their feet too.

How to answer millions of customers asking for the same brands of shoes at the same time? with machines working 24/7 all year
That's the Nike's manufacturer answer, who has buyers asking for all models and sizes from the four corners of the world "worldwide sports".

How to stay with the same sandals all year all seasons? The answer for adidas is " don't do that, that's why our prices are very low " cheap" and affordable for kids, toddlers children and even baby shoes on sale.

We can sell you at the cheapest price online. If you want to order from our resellers stores, just throw away the old pairs now. Please do not give away those used pairs.

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Did you know that in the sixteens and seventies everybody must have a citizen watch or a Seiko Japanese?
Aha, these year 2014 each one single human on earth must wear footwear from a famous brand maker " shoe dpt store purchase" that's what this means and millions or billions of American dollars spent per month, yearly or so on.

Concerning to hard workers who must wear the right work shoes in agree with their need and job they are doing, it happens that there are manufacturers making specific engineers building theirs with metal front protection and to prevent accidents on workers foot.

Terrific designs that people shouldn't wear at parties or dress up for business, because their work place, not really attractive, just to wear them at work period.

Certainly baby never gets to know which brand sale they are wearing, but mom and day, even gamma know, so that's enough to take a nice picture for their first pair from shoe dpt visiting

All people know is when summer time arrives, sandals become popular, throwing away the old ones is a potential feeling coming to their minds, the crowd starts surfing the web stores online.

Searching for best new arrivals and special deals, printable coupons give away, discounts online from manufacturing and sellers.
Whole sellers wholesale in the case of buyers online, distribution centers, and of course online reviews on and on.

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Just a small group wants to order with coupon online from a shopping cart they trust with a credit card or checking bank account information.

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